Form Submission from Publish to Author Instance

In General, when an end user submits a form, the request is routed to the publish environment. Any modifications made at the CRX/DE during the execution of the post request are stored in the publish environment. However, a request may arise where upon form submission, certain data such as a content fragment needs to be created on the author instance. Following approval from business-level users, the content will be published to the publish environment, making it publicly accessible on the internet.
AEM Forms offers the capability to send requests from the publisher to the author. AEM DS Settings Service OSGi Configuration must be updated before any adaptive form submission from the publish server. Otherwise, the Form submission shall fail.
The following details need to be updated in their respective fields:
  • Processing Server URL: URL of the AEM author instance (e.g., https://localhost:4502).
  • Processing Server User Name: Author instance Login User Name.
  • Processing Server Password: Author instance Login Password.
AEM DS Settings Service
After updating the configuration, you can verify by submitting a form from the publish instance. If you configure the submit action to "Invoke an AEM workflow", the workflow will be triggered on the Author environment.