Best Practices Analyzer for AEMaaCS Migration

Best Practices Analyzer (BPA) evaluates the current AEM implementation, identifying areas not in alignment with AEM best practices and offering guidance on how to improve. It also expedites the assessment of readiness for transitioning from an existing Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) deployment to AEM as a Cloud Service. This tool generates a report pinpointing potential areas for refactoring, marking the initial phase of migrating to AEM as a Cloud Service.
Best Practices Analyzer can be downloaded as a zip file from the Software Distribution portal. You can install the package via Package Manager on your AEM instance. Once installed, you can access BPA by navigating to Tools > Operations > Best Practices Analyzer.
Best Practice Analyzer
To generate BPA report and automatically upload it to Cloud Acceleration Manager (CAM), you need BPA Upload Key, which can be obtained by creating a project in CAM (e.g., AEM Demo), navigating to Best Practices Analysis, and retrieving the key for your project. You can still generate the report without the Upload Key, but you will need to manually upload the report to CAM in that case.
BPA Upload Key
Based on your choice, either set BPA Upload Key or skip auto upload to CAM; Project Name will be auto-populated based on the Key.
Best Practice Analyzer Configuration
Once the BPA report is generated, it provides summary and lists the findings in a table, categorized by type and importance level. For more details on a particular finding, click the number corresponding to that type in the table.
Best Practices Analyzer Report
You can download the report in Comma-Separated Values (CSV) format by clicking Export to CSV. If you set the BPA Upload Key during previous step, you will see an option Go to CAM which will direct you to the Best Practices Analysis page in CAM, where you can view the report; otherwise, you can manually upload the report on the same page.
Best Practices Analyzer Report View in CAM
You can Refresh Report from your instance after applying fixes and Upload Report multiple times in CAM. Through this process, you will understand the status and take the necessary actions to address at least the major and critical issues prior to migrating into AEM as a Cloud Service (AEMaaCS).